Final Reflection

Artifact #1: Timeline I did my first artifact on the timeline of the TV. I spend a lot of time researching different types of televisions and how they have been evolved through the years. I started off with looking up when the first tv came out and worked from there. The timeline was one of the longest ones I did because I looked up a lot of information for each year. Once I had all my information and dates I then had to put it all in a Google Sheet. After all the information was in I had to decide how I wanted to present the timeline, with certain colors. The timeline consist of different and fun events that have happened when creating the tv, I thought it would be cool to see when the first moon landing was that happened to be broadcast, and what the first tv station and networks were. I enjoyed looking up the different events throughout the history of the tv. This timeline shows my growth because on my last timeline I got distracted from the essential objective, which was to present…


Final Spark Page


Final Timeline


Timeline of Drake

Survey Infographic