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LaMelo Ball leaves brother behind in Lithuania to play for the Celtics

While off to an exciting start in Lithuania, LaMelo Ball had impressed scouts from all over the NBA. Teams like the Cavaliers, Warriors, Raptors, and even the Celtics have taken notice of his impressive states. LaMelo has made comments about wanting to join the Celtics despite his brother being on the Lakers, this goes back to the ongoing feud between both teams.
The Celtics-Lakers rivalry goes all the way back to the 1960s and the 1980s. The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers met a total of 12 times in the NBA finals so it would be hard to believe that Melo would pick the Celtics over the Lakers seeing his family has strong ties to the Lakers organization.

The 6'5" 16 year old has made a big decision in going with the Celtics, causing a split in the family. Father LaVar had planned for all three of his sons to play for the Lakers; this will certainly throw a wrench in his plans.

What will happen when one …

Photo Editing Essay

Photo Editing Project

Real or fake?

Geno choice: This website is definitely fake because it is only one page and has no additional information on the subject. The picture of the doctor just looks fake, If it was real it would be a head-shot and not look like it was just taken off Google Images. Lastly there is no contact information or anything that talks about going to see the doctor and talk to her about the questions you may have. This website looks like it was made in five minutes by some random person.

Buy an Ancestor Online: This website is fake because you cant buy an ancestor online and the website says "Ancestors you can pull out of your wallet and wave in front of your boss, in the following denominations." How does buying an ancestor relate to putting their picture in your wallet and showing your boss. Also when you go to the employment tab in the top right corner you cant click on it, it wont light up. Lastly you cant buy an ancestor it only lets you browse it wont actually let you add them to you&#…

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